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System Wattage: Up to 70w
Body construction: Aluminium and plastic

PaneLED is an effective way to light offices, retail outlets, classrooms, and conference and meeting rooms. They provide uniform, even light distribution creating a comfortable and productive working environment.

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Performance that matters

0 W
Energy Efficent
£ 0
Annual Savings
Up to 100,000 average lifetime (hrs)

Performance that matters

Environment Current Installation GG Lighting Solution
Production Area 50 x 4 x 18w 50 x 27w PaneLED
Energy Load 3.6kW 1.35kw
Operating Hours 12/5/52 = 3,120 3,120
Annual running cost
(£0.10 per kWh)
£1,123 £421
Annual energy saving of 63% £702

*Lighting controls could increase savings up to 80%


  • Suitable for all office, retail outlets schools and hospitals and clean room environments.

Luminaire Performance

  • Nominal lifetime 50,000 hours
  • Up to 6,900 luminaire lumens
  • Up to 140 luminaire lumens
  • Operating height range 2 to 5 metres
  • Operating temperature -10 to + 45 degrees C
  • Colour temperature 4000k (5000k available on request)
  • CRI >80 (CRI 95 available on request)
  • UGR<19

Luminaire Variants

  • IP65 for clean room environments
  • 3 Hour emergency
  • DALI
  • Optional optics

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions
Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier

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