Musk’s Sausages



Musk’s Sausages, Newmarket, Suffolk

Environment: Production Hall

“As a business with low operating hours what impressed me most about the LiveLED Open Rated luminaire was the simplicity of the design. The only item that ever needs replacing is the tube and we will not need to be doing that for over 19 years.

In addition, we have saved 57% on our energy bill”.

Tony Thrower Senior Operations Manager

Musks Sausages - GG Lighting Solutions

Musk’s, since 1884 a specialist and established producer of high quality sausages invited GG Lighting to look at how energy and maintenance savings could be achieved whilst improving light levels.

As the only lighting manufacturer in partnership with BRC (British Retail Consortium) GG Lighting proposed to upgrade Musk’s lighting from twin 58w anti-corrosive’s to its ‘direct mains connection’ LiveLED IP65 open rated luminaire.

The open rated LiveLED incorporates two BlackBand® Philips T8 LED tubes coated in chemical resistant FEP that offer excellent light output (7,400 lumens) for a paltry 49w.

Additionally, the open rated LiveLED has no diffuser or clips to replace and as it is ‘direct mains connection’ the only component that will ever need replacing is the BlackBand® LED tube after 50,000 hours.

TLT - Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Financed Installation Today!
Financed Installation Today!

Performance that matters

0 W
Energy Efficent
£ 0
Annual Savings
Up to 100,000 average lifetime (hrs)
Environment Current Installation GG Lighting Solution
Production Area 28 x Twin 58W Anti-corrosive 28 x 49w LiveLED Open Rated
Energy Load 3.2kW 1.37kw
Operating Hours 2,600 2,600
Annual running cost
(£0.11 per kWh)
£929 £392
Annual energy saving of 58% £537

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions
Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier
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