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Griffin & Brand, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

Environment: Production Hall

“After spending a lot of time investigating different solutions for our production hall we were very pleased to come across the retro fit LED tubes. We were able to specify the colour rendering and retro fit the tubes ourselves, when production allowed. The end result has given us a very good overall light level with the added bonus of using half the electricity.

Disruption to production was minimal and capital expenditure and fitting costs were reduced. The life of the tubes from Philips is quoted at 50 000 hours, 5 years warranty, the same as complete fittings. In the future if tubes fail it will be a quick fix to replace them and a lot cheaper than replacing an entire fitting. I would certainly urge anybody looking at LED to investigate this option”

Jeremy Barnes Operations Manager

Griffin Brand - Case Study

Griffin & Brand Europe Limited, based in Ashford Kent has just completed a new LED lighting installation using GG Lighting Solutions® retrofit LED tubes. Their remit was to benefit from a lighting solution that would ensure product and staff safety, reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve light quality, minimize capital expenditure and minimize disruption to production.

This remit was achieved with an overnight installation of GG Lighting Solutions® BlackBand® (To IEC61549) shatterproof Philips 50,000 hour 25w LED colour 865 retrofit tubes. Griffin & Brand now benefit from 57% annual energy savings (116w to 50w) and a payback period of only 12 months.

Light quality has improved significantly due to the 100% downward light output ratio and excellent colour rendering of the Philips LED tubes. The result is a ‘crisper’ more uniform spread of light giving machine operating staff greater perception of detail.

TLT - Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Financed Installation Today!
Financed Installation Today!

Performance that matters

0 W
Energy Efficent
£ 0
Annual Savings
Up to 100,000 average lifetime (hrs)
Environment Current Installation GG Lighting Solution
Production Area 120 x Twin 58w Anti-corrosive 240 x 25w T8 LED Tube
Energy Load 13.9kW 6kw
Operating Hours 6,552 6,552
Annual running cost
(£0.10 per kWh)
£9,120 £3,931
Annual energy saving of 57% £5,189

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions
Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier
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