Anglia Free Range Eggs



Anglia Free Range Eggs, Attleborough, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Environment: Storage and Packing Facility

“Since fitting the LED lights supplied by GG Lighting we have had very positive staff feedback and additional benefit of significant electricity savings so it is a win-win for us”.

Harry Irwin Managing Director

Anglia Free Range Eggs - Lighting

Anglia Free Range Eggs invited GG Lighting to reduce its energy and maintenance costs in its storage and packing facility.

The original installation was fifty-nine 400w Metal Halide high bay luminaires and thirty-three twin 58w anti-corrosives.

These were replaced on a one-for-one basis by GG Lighting’s Philips powered 128w BayLED Eco and 49w LiveLED diffused.

The resulting energy and carbon footprint saving was a massive 68% off of their energy bill excluding maintenance costs to purchase and install replacement lamps.

TLT - Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Tomorrows Lighting Today!
Financed Installation Today!
Financed Installation Today!

Performance that matters

0 W
Energy Efficent
£ 0
Annual Savings
Up to 100,000 average lifetime (hrs)
Environment Current Installation GG Lighting Solution
Production Area 59 x 400w Metal Halide 59 x 128w BayLED Eco
Energy Load 23.6kW 7.55kw
Operating Hours 5,512 5,512
Annual running cost
(£0.10 per kWh)
£13,008 £4,163
Annual energy saving of 68% £8,845

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions
Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier
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