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AD Harvey

Environment: Poultry Farm

“The benefits to the new installation has been numerous. We have hugely reduced energy consumption and we are now able to wash down the feeding units without having to remove them as the new fittings are watertight.

A fantastic by-product of the installation has been an increase in bird yield. We used to turn ten bird yields per annum this has now increased to eleven.

The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, the ability to reduce light output to only 1% (2.5 lux) negates the need for blue light and minimises stress and harm when gathering the birds. Secondly, the birds are now reaching their desired weight three days earlier.

The new lighting has been a great success”.

Lloyd Nembhard Engineering Manager

AD Harvey - Poultry Farm - Lighting

A D Harvey of Norfolk gave GG Lighting Solutions the task of improving their Chicken shed lighting.

The existing installation consisted of 40w BC bulbs which during the cleaning of feeding units were prone to failure due to the ingress of moisture.

The emphasis for this customer was not just energy saving it was to find a lighting solution that could handle the chemical cleaning regime with the added flexibility of being able to control light output to very low levels.

The new installation created an interesting by-product; an increase in bird yield.

The new installation consists of GG Lighting’s Philips Fortimo powered 25w SurVivaLED luminaire fitted with a push-to-dim Dali dimmable LED driver that can reduce light output to as low as 1%.

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Tomorrows Lighting Today!
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Financed Installation Today!

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